Graham 2023
Gibsons Heritage Farm Concert
 "Why are my friends like bananas?
Because they're better by the bunch!"
ONE STRING Easy Learning Banjos
Laminated Learning Placemats
 The Hippopogamus
A Book of
Song- Poems, with 
15  set to music. 
Listen online:  

 "Friends Are Better Than Crocodiles!"

 "It's hard to play with a porcupine,

'Cause they're all covered with prickles -

 But a friend is someone who treats you fine

 And will even share her pickles!"


 Graham loves sharing not only pickles,

but also his poems, songs and music

Come in for a visit, and you'll soon

be smiling as you listen and find out

more about Graham's music, books

concerts, and other fun for children

and families across Canada... and




Children's Books & Music


Western Canada Music Awards Nomination "Outstanding Children's Album"

Canadian Children's Book Centre                "Our Choice" Award

National Parenting Publications Awards

"Most Highly Recommended!"  West Coast Music Review


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