toes and fingers
kaia and graham
G on drums 2020

Playing Drums is FUN!     Graham plays in lots of bands

Title 1

More Musical Friends - The Beachcomber Ukulele Club!
 Kaia and Graham -The Barn Cat Band

 Graham with Jenny and Wayne at    Sechelt Canada Day Celebrations

Counting Cats at A Pre-School Concert Use ALL your fingers and toes!

Can you JUMP like a FROG?

Whistler Library Concert

 Can You

 Please Play me a

 Friendly Purple

 Yellow Blue kind

 of song?

 Can you flap your wings

 And sing like a bird?

Can you meow like a cat?

Chester the Donkey

 "I was amazed when I played your CD for my grade one class. They loved it, and I do too! Thanks for making such great music so full of fun  and imagination "     

Roberts Creek School Picnic

Graham lives in Roberts Creek B.C. Canada - Near Vancouver


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